A3 160GSM Thin Coloured Card

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Unleash your creativity with School Papers A3 160GSM Thin Coloured Card, the ideal choice for a multitude of projects. Whether you're crafting in the classroom, producing vibrant office presentations, or creating unique art pieces, our thin coloured card is the perfect canvas.

Our A3 160GSM card is engineered to be just the right thickness for easy handling and cutting, making it suitable for all ages and skill levels. It's compatible with laser and inkjet printers, photo copiers, and faxes, ensuring a hassle-free printing experience. With a size of 42cm x 29.7cm, it's perfectly scaled for larger projects that require a touch of colour and quality.

Choose from a diverse palette of colours, including brights and pastels, to bring your ideas to life. Our card is available in packs of 100 sheets, providing great value for educators, students, and professionals alike. Each pack is pre-wrapped and fully labelled, arriving at your door ready for immediate use.

Explore our A3 160GSM Thin Coloured Card selection. Make your next project stand out with the vibrant, high-quality card from School Paper, your trusted supplier of paper and card products for education and beyond.