A4 285GSM Extra Thick Coloured Card

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Transform your creative ideas into stunning realities with our A4 285gsm Extra Thick Coloured Card. This top-tier card stock is the foundation for any project that demands quality and durability. Ideal for educational crafts, professional presentations, or any artistic endeavour, our extra thick card ensures your work not only looks exceptional but feels impressively substantial.

Available in a spectrum of captivating colours, our A4 card stock is perfect for making a bold statement. Its 285gsm weight provides a robust base for various mediums, from markers and paints to intricate die cuts and embossing. The smooth texture guarantees a premium finish, making it suitable for high-quality printing and detailed artwork.

Our card is Eco-friendly, crafted from sustainable resources, ensuring that your creative process is as responsible as it is innovative. Whether you're a teacher, student, artist, or business professional, our A4 285gsm card stock is designed to inspire and withstand the test of time.

Embrace the blend of strength and vibrancy with our A4 285gsm Extra Thick Coloured Card. Order now and take the first step towards elevating your creative projects to new heights of excellence!